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A New Mobile Shopping Experience


Experience real-time shopping with real-time offers. Stores can create offers at any time. Follow your favourite stores to get notified when a new offer comes up. Make sure you grab the offer before it goes.

Location-Based Shopping

LUK shows content to shoppers based on their location. Stores set their maximum coverage radius.

Delivery or Pick Up

LUK makes it easy for Stores to set up delivery and pick up (click & collect) options. Customers get to choose.

Credit Card Payments

Customers can purchase products, services or offers inside the app with a credit card. Credit card payments are safely and securely handled by the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Buy Now & Pay Later

You have the flexibility to pay the store however you want! If you change your mind, you can simply cancel your order and the store will be notified.

Virtual Queuing

While physically waiting at any store, join their virtual queue. LUK provides ETA, Queue Position, and Notifications when it's your turn to enter or collect. Contact tracing is also applicable.

Social Feeds

Real-time offers in LUK can be easily fed into Facebook and Instagram and shared amongst both the Store and Customers' communities.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Keep a collection of your favourite store Loyalty Cards in the LUK app and never lose them again. #SaveThePaper.

Don't annoy me

LUK makes it easy for you to customize what kind of notifications you want to receive. We won't bother you with offers that don't interest you.

Uniquely for you

LUK was designed with one thought in mind. Support local by making it simple to find, purchase and redeem offers nearby and in real-time. Store owners use LUK as an additional real-time online channel for their products or services. Customers use LUK to browse for offers in stores they're interested in, with purchases done all inside the app.

But LUK offers so much more as an online marketplace. Save your wallet some space by moving to Digital Loyalty Cards. Enter a Virtual Queue for stores that choose to use it. Or get your takeaways delivered or click & collect it. With LUK, we're providing easy to use mobile commerce for local businesses near you to help them successfully leverage the virtual marketplace.

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Our Tech Side

We are very proud to be utilising the most innovative and progressive technologies available today. Made up of a team of experienced Kiwi developers, we are a start-up from NZ that strives to continually be innovative, brave and forward-thinking. We're passionate about improving your buying experience with your favourite stores so feel free to contact us with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.


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